How to Get BBC iPlayer on Bush Smart TV?

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Bush smart TVs have BBC iPlayer pre-installed. To get BBC iPlayer on your Bush TV, press the Smart Portal button, navigate to and select the iPlayer app icon, then sign in with your BBC account.

In this article, we will discuss steps to get BBC iPlayer on Bush Smart TV, and its troubleshooting guide.

Steps to Get BBC iPlayer on Bush Smart TV

Bush smart TVs typically have BBC iPlayer pre-installed as a built-in app. Here’s how to access it:

  1. Press the Smart Portal (or similarly labeled) button on your TV remote.
  2. Navigate to find the BBC iPlayer app icon.
  3. Select the BBC iPlayer app icon.
  4. Press OK to launch the iPlayer app.
  5. Sign in with your BBC account credentials.
  6. If you don’t have one, create a new BBC account.
  7. If iPlayer app is not found, check if your TV model supports it.
  8. Make sure your TV has the latest software updates installed.
  9. Check that you have a stable internet connection.
  10. Ensure you have enough storage space on your TV.
  11. As a last resort, you may need to factory reset your TV.

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Troubleshooting BBC iPlayer on Bush Smart TV

Here’s a troubleshooting guide for installing and using the BBC iPlayer app on a Bush smart TV:

1: Finding the App

If you can’t find the BBC iPlayer app in your TV’s app store:

  1. Check that your Bush TV model is compatible with the iPlayer app. Older models may not be supported.
  2. Try searching for “BBC iPlayer” or “iPlayer” in the app store (the name may be slightly different)
  3. See if there are any TV software updates available that could add iPlayer compatibility.

2. Installation Issues

If the app download gets stuck or fails:

  1. Check your internet connection. Poor connectivity can cause download issues.
  2. Try restarting your TV and the router to refresh the connection.
  3. Check the app store for any service announcements about temporary issues.
  4. If you see a “Insufficient Storage” error:
  5. Delete any unused apps or data from your TV to free up space.
  6. Check if you can insert a USB drive to expand the storage.

3. Account Login Problems

If your BBC account login is failing:

  1. Double check that you’re entering the right email/username and password.
  2. Try resetting your BBC account password on the website.
  3. The BBC account system may be experiencing temporary issues.

4. Other Issues

If the iPlayer app is crashing or not working properly after installing:

  1. Check for any software updates available for your specific Bush TV model.
  2. See if there are any reports of the iPlayer app having bugs currently.
  3. As a last resort, you may need to factory reset your TV.

Buggy apps and outdated software are less common these days. But checking for updates and resetting can help resolve obscure technical issues.

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