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featured image of LG Smart TV Connectivity Options like hdmi, wifi, usb, ethernet, direct wifi and screen mirrosring

LG Smart TV Connectivity Options-Wired or Wireless Connections

Hammad Nasar

LG Smart TVs offer multiple connectivity options that are designed to serve your diverse needs. From high-definition multimedia interfaces to ...

LG Smart TV Location Settings-Choose the Right Region

Hammad Nasar

LG TVs often impose content restrictions and limit app availability based on the user’s location or broadcast country. This means ...

LG TV Satellite Channels Guide-Setup and Scanning Channels

Muhammad Usman

To program satellite channels on LG TV, connect your satellite box to the TV using HDMI or coaxial cable, then ...

Setting Up Antenna & Channels on LG TV- Programming Channels

Hammad Nasar

Using an over-the-air antenna allows you to watch free local broadcast channels on your LG TV without a cable or ...

LG TV Language Settings-Menu, Audio, & Keyboard Language Settings

Muhammad Usman

Quick fix to adjust language settings on LG TV: Simply grab your remote, press Settings, navigate to All Settings > ...

Disney+ on Hisense TV-Installation Guide for all Operating Systems

Hammad Nasar

On newer Hisense smart TV models running Roku TV, Android TV or the latest Vidaa U operating systems, you can ...

How to Clear App Cache on Hisense Roku TV?

Hammad Nasar

Navigate to the home screen on your Roku device, go to Settings using your remote control, select ‘System,’ locate ‘Application ...

featured image of Anyview Cast on Hisense Smart TV

Anyview Cast on Hisense Smart TV

Hammad Nasar

On your Hisense TV: Android/Google TV: Go to Settings > System > Cast and enable casting   Roku TV: Settings > ...

NOW TV on Bush TV – Options for Fire TV Edition or Regular TVs

Hammad Nasar

Bush 4K TVs with Fire TV Edition (2020 models) have the NOW TV app pre-installed for direct streaming, while regular ...

featured image of how to Get BBC iPlayer on Bush Smart TV

BBC iPlayer App for Bush Smart TVs – Simple Steps to Get Started

Hammad Nasar

Bush smart TVs have BBC iPlayer pre-installed. To get BBC iPlayer on your Bush TV, press the Smart Portal button, ...

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