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Unfortunately, Hisense Roku TVs do not have a built-in split-screen functionality. This means you cannot directly split your screen into two separate displays on your Hisense Roku TV. You can try picture-in-picture mode, multi-source, casting through laptop/mobile, or external splitters.

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3 methods to Split Screen on Hisense roku TV

Since Roku TVs lack split-screen, try:

  1. Connecting a Roku Express 4K+ with PIP (limited channels).
  2. Using a multiviewer switch to connect gaming consoles/streaming devices.
  3. Mirroring laptop screen and arranging multiple windows.

Avoid experimental hacks or runoff

1: Screen Mirroring with a Laptop

You can try airplaying/screen mirroring with a laptop, or your mobile phone. Here are the simple steps to split screen on Hisense Roku TV:

  1. Ensure that your laptop and Hisense TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Use screen mirroring function on your laptop to project its display onto your Hisense TV.
  3. Open two different applications or windows on your laptop and arrange them side-by-side.
  4. Your Hisense TV will display a mirrored image of your laptop screen with two applications visible.

Note: This method is ideal for tech-savvy users looking to multitask or monitor multiple windows.

2: Using a Multiviewer

Using a Multiviewer is another option to split screen. To do this:

  1. Purchase a multiviewer (an additional hardware purchase), an external device with multiple HDMI ports.
  2. Connect your Hisense TV to the multiviewer’s output port and your desired sources to individual input ports.
  3. Configure the multiviewer’s settings to display each source in a separate section of the Hisense TV screen.

Note: Works for various audiences and use cases, but requires an extra purchase.

3: Picture-in-Picture Mode

Check if your Hisense TV has a Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode. Refer to manual or settings for activation instructions.

Note: TCL TVs have “Multi-view 2.0” but functionality is limited.

If available, activate PIP mode to display a smaller secondary window on top of the main program.

Ideal for casual viewers and gamers.

Troubleshooting Hisense Roku TV

  1. Hisense Roku TV Not turning on

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