Big PlayStation Exclusives Coming in 2025, According to Leaks

Muhammad Usman

According to rumors going around online, next year will see the release of several major exclusive titles made by PlayStation’s own development teams.

While 2024 may not have huge new games from PlayStation’s major studios,, there’s some exciting news on the horizon for next year. According to leaks from a credible insider, Sony has several huge first-party titles lined up to launch in 2025.

The leaked information comes from Shinobi602, a well-known leaker who has accurately predicted Sony game launches in the past. On the ResetEra forums, Shinobi602 revealed that 2025 will see the release of multiple major games developed by PlayStation’s own big internal studios.

Importantly, the leaker clarified that these aren’t just indie games like Stellar Blade or Rise of the Ronin. Instead, these are full-blown AAA titles being made by Sony’s talented first-party dev teams under the PlayStation Studios umbrella.

Unfortunately, the insider didn’t specify exactly how many of these blockbuster exclusives we can expect in 2025. But any major new releases from Sony’s top studios would be a welcome change of pace after the relatively quiet year for exclusives in 2024.

Of course, one already confirmed exclusive for 2025 is Death Stranding 2 from legendary developer Hideo Kojima. Beyond that, there are plenty of rumored possibilities based on what PlayStation’s different studios are working on.

For example, many fans are hoping to finally see the long-awaited Ghost of Tsushima 2 from Sucker Punch Productions. There’s also intense speculation around what the God of War team at Santa Monica Studio has cooking up next after this year’s Ragnarok.

While specifics are still tightly under wraps, if this leaked info pans out, 2025 could turn into a banner year for PS5 owners craving those big-budget, blockbuster exclusives that PlayStation is known for.

As for when we might get official reveals, the rumor mill suggests Sony could have a major PlayStation Showcase event planned for September to unveil their 2025 slate and beyond, including potential hardware updates.

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