Xbox Games Coming to More Platforms Beyond Consoles

Muhammad Usman

Microsoft to Bring Xbox Exclusive Games to PlayStation, Nintendo, and More

Microsoft has announced plans to bring more of its popular Xbox exclusive game titles to other gaming platforms besides just the Xbox consoles. This is a big change from Microsoft’s previous strategy of keeping its biggest games only available on the Xbox systems.

 Xbox Games Coming to More Platforms Beyond Consoles featured image

The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, recently explained that Microsoft wants to give gamers the option to buy or subscribe to Xbox games while also supporting those games on non-Xbox platforms. He said players can expect to see more and more Xbox games released on rival platforms like PlayStation and Nintendo Switch going forward.

Our goal is to make our game franchises accessible to as many players as possible,” Spencer stated. “We know gamers love being able to enjoy their favorite games across multiple devices, and we want to provide that flexibility.”

This new multi-platform approach aligns with Microsoft’s recent moves, like releasing four previously Xbox-exclusive games on the PlayStation 5 and some titles on the Nintendo Switch earlier this year. While this first wave was limited, Spencer’s comments suggest many more Xbox exclusives will follow on other platforms soon.

Interestingly, during Microsoft’s latest gaming showcase, they avoided using the term “exclusive” entirely when unveiling upcoming games like “Doom: The Dark Ages” and “Gears of War: E-Day.” This hints at their evolving distribution plans.

According to insiders, Microsoft is considering releasing certain highly-anticipated titles, like the new “Indiana Jones” game, on the PlayStation 5 a few months after the Xbox launch. This “Project Latitude” aims to maximize the games’ reach and profits.

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