7 Reasons Why Your Hisense TV Doesn’t Have App Store

Hammad Nasar

The most common reason is that it’s not a Smart TV model. If it is a Smart TV, then the app store location can vary depending on the operating system, it might need a software update, or it could be a lower-end model with pre-installed apps only. In rare cases, it could be a counterfeit TV or there might be hidden app store access. Finally, regional restrictions can limit available apps.

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In this article, we will discuss possible reasons for not seeing App store on Hisense TV, along with their possible solutions.

Why Your Hisense TV Doesn’t Have an App Store?

There are a few simple reasons why this might happen:

1: Your TV is not a Smart TV

If your Hisense TV is a regular, non-smart model, it won’t have an app store or built-in smart capabilities. Smart TVs have operating systems and app stores, while regular TVs are designed just for watching cable/antenna TV and connecting to external devices like Blu-ray players.

Solution – Unfortunately, there is no way to add an app store to a non-smart Hisense TV. Your only options are to use the TV’s basic functions or upgrade to a smart TV model that has an app store.

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2: You’re Looking in Wrong Place

The location of the app store can vary between different Hisense Smart TV operating systems:

  1. Android/Google TVs – Look for the Google Play Store, usually under “Apps
  2. Roku TVs – Find the Roku Channel Store under “Streaming Channels
  3. Fire TVs – Use the search function to access the Amazon App Store
  4. VIDAA TVs – Head to “My Apps” to find the VEWD App Store

Solution – Check your TV’s user manual or do an online search for your specific model to locate exactly where the app store is on your Hisense Smart TV’s interface.

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3: Your TV Software Needs Update 

If your Hisense Smart TV’s software is outdated, the app store may not be accessible or enabled until you update to the latest software version.

Solution – On most models, you can check for updates under Settings > System/Device Preferences > Software Update. Make sure to install any available updates.

4: Your TV Has Pre-Installed Apps Only

Some lower-end Hisense Smart TVs like the XClass series only come pre-loaded with popular apps. These TVs don’t have full app stores for downloading additional apps.

Solution – You’re limited to just the pre-installed apps on these models. Consider upgrading to a more fully-featured Hisense Smart TV if you want app store access.

5: You Might Have Fake TV

In rare cases, counterfeit Hisense TVs purchased from unauthorized sellers may be loaded with non-standard software. It can omit the app store entirely.

Solution – Only purchase Hisense TVs from authorized retailers and resellers to ensure you get a legitimate product. Counterfeit TVs offer no support or guarantees.

6: Hidden App Store

A small number of Hisense TV models may have their app store hidden behind a sequence of button presses or menu options.

Solution – Carefully read your TV’s user manual or search for instructions online for accessing any potential hidden app stores on your specific model.


7: Region Restrictions

Region Restrictions are another important reason why you can’t see the app store on your Hisense Smart TV. Certain apps or even entire app stores can be regionally restricted based on licensing rights and content distribution deals in different countries. 

Solution – Using a VPN can sometimes bypass regional restrictions, but may also violate terms of service. A better option is to check if desired apps offer web versions or casting options instead.

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