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How to Type Letters on Hisense TV Remote (Hisense TV Text Input)

Hammad Nasar

Most Hisense TV remotes lack physical letter keys, which can make it challenging to enter text when required. There is ...

Disney+ on Hisense TV-Installation Guide for all Operating Systems

Hammad Nasar

On newer Hisense smart TV models running Roku TV, Android TV or the latest Vidaa U operating systems, you can ...

featured image of Anyview Cast on Hisense Smart TV

Anyview Cast on Hisense Smart TV

Hammad Nasar

On your Hisense TV: Android/Google TV: Go to Settings > System > Cast and enable casting   Roku TV: Settings > ...

Hisense Smart TV Not Turning On-Causes and Troubleshooting

Hammad Nasar

If your Hisense Smart TV is not turning on, try checking power supply, as faulty power supply/power cable can make ...

7 Reasons Why Your Hisense TV Doesn’t Have App Store

Hammad Nasar

The most common reason is that it’s not a Smart TV model. If it is a Smart TV, then the ...

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Get Deezer On Hisense Smart TV-4 Quick Methods

Muhammad Usman

To get Deezer app on Hisense Android/Google TV, Go to “apps section” > Google Play Store on your Hisense Android ...

featured image of Get Kayo on Hisense Smart TV-Installation, And Troubleshooting gUIDE

Get Kayo on Hisense Smart TV-Installation, And Troubleshooting Guide

Muhammad Usman

To get Kayo on Hisense Smart TV (2019-2021, Vidaa U3/U4/U5/U6), Go to Home -> Apps/App Store -> Search “Kayo Sports” ...

featured image of how to Install Plex on Hisense Smart TV

Install Plex on Hisense Smart TV-Complete Guide

Muhammad Usman

To install Plex on Hisense Smart TV, connect to Wi-Fi, find the app store specific to your TV’s operating system, ...

Feature Image of FuboTv on Hisense TV

Get FuboTV on Hisense TV – Guide for All Models (2024)

Muhammad Usman

In this Guide, we will discuss steps to get FuboTV on Hisense TV, also the alternative ways if your TV ...

How To Get Paramount Plus On Hisense TV-3 Quick Ways

Muhammad Usman

You need subscription plan of Paramount plus to steam its content on your Hisense Smart TV. To get Paramount Plus ...

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