How to Clear Cache on LG Smart TV-3 easy methods

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Are you facing lagging and slow performance on your LG TV? Do you have trouble watching movies and TV shows, playing games, or browsing the web? If so, you may have a lot of cache files stored on your TV.

Cache files are temporary files that are stored on your TV to help it run more quickly and efficiently. However, over time, cache files can build up and cause your TV to slow down.

Cache Files can cause technical bugs and glitches on your LG Smart TVs. It can ruin your entertainment experience as it makes your LG Slow and Lagging. It is necessary to Clear the cache on your LG TV to optimize its performance.

In this Article, You will Learn “How to Clear Cache on LG Smart TV” with ease. The process is straightforward. You have to read all the steps carefully and then implement them on your LG TV.


Why To Clear Cache on LG Smart TV?

You need to Clear Cache on LG Smart TV to overall optimize the performance of the LG TV. There are a few reasons for clearing the cache on LG TV:

1. To Enhance the performance 

Cache data can slow down your TV Functions as it’s like a Load on your System. So, it’s necessary to clear cache files often so that your TV performance doesn’t get compromised.

2. Free Up Storage

Cached Files consume the Storage memory of your LG TV, which can Cause Apps not to work smoothly. So, it’s necessary to delete the cache on your LG smart TV to free up storage.

3. Issue Resolution 

Deleting the cache files can also solve issues like the freezing of the screen and app issues caused by the app cache.

4. Privacy and Security

Cache and cookies files may contain sensitive information. So it’s a good practice to Clear the browser cache and Apps cache often.

Types of Cache on LG TV

Overall there are a lot of types of Cache files on Smart TV. In LG TV there are two types of Cache Files.

  1. App cache-These are Cache files created by apps over time. 
  2. Browser Cache-These are the browsing cache and cookies created by web browsers on LG TV.

How To Clear Cache ON LG Smart TV 

In this Section, You will get to know step-by-step how to clear cache on LG Smart TV. LG Smart TV does not give any specific option for clearing the cache memory but you can clear the cache files on LG TV through different methods. In this Section, We will Explore those methods.

  • Power Cycle LG TV
  • Close the Background Apps
  • Memory Optimizer For Cleraing Unsed Files
  • Clear the Browser Cache 
  • Clear the App Cache

1. Power Cycle LG TV

Power cycling or Soft Reset on your LG TV will clear the Cache on your TV. It also Refreshes the System and Erase Technical Glitches. To Do a Power Cycle on your LG TV, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn Off your TV and Plug it out from the Power Source.
  2. Now press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
  3. Wait For a few minutes and then Plug your TV into a power outlet
  4. Turn On the TV. Your Cache Files get Eliminated.

2. Close the Background Apps

Sometimes, background apps slow down your smart TV because background apps also create cache files. So, To optimize your TV Performance, you have to close recent apps and background apps. 

To close the recent apps, follow the steps below.

  • Click on the Recent Tile on the Home screen to see the recent apps.
  • Click on the Recent app icon until the “X” icon appears.
  • Select the “X” Icon in the app.

3. Memory Optimizer

Memory Optimizer will optimize your TV by deleting Unused apps and unnecessary Files from the TV. To run a memory optimizer, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to “Settings” and Navigate to “All Settings”.
  2. Now Select General and then Select “OLED Care.”
  3. Now Select “Device Self-care.”
  4. From the Given Menus, select “Memory Optimizer”.
  5. Now Select “Start”.
  6. After the Process is complete, LG TV will Recommend you to “Restart” from LG TV. Click on “Restart”.

After Completing the Restart, your TV has successfully cleared the cache files.

Video Showing How TO Memory Optimize on LG TV

Clear Browser Cache on Your LG Smart TV

You can easily clear browsing data and clear the browser cache to optimize your TV Performance. Follow the steps below to delete the browser’s cache and cookies on your LG smart TV.

  • Turn on your LG TV and Go To Web Browser on it.
  • Select the Menu and Go to Settings.
  • In the Settings Tab, find “Private Browsing” and toggle it on. 
  • In Private Browsing you will Find the Option “Clear Cache”. Select it.
  • It will Clear your browsing cache and history.

Clear App cache for Specific App

You can Clear the cache of a specific app on your LG TV. It is a very straightforward method. Follow the steps below to clear app cache data.

  1. Turn on Your LG TV and Navigate to the Settings Menu with the Help of TV Remote.
  2. Scroll down and select the “Application Manager” option.
  3. Now Select the App for which you want to Clear the Cache.
  4. In the Given option, find “Storage” and select it.
  5. Now select the “Clear Cache” option to clear the cache of this App.
  6. The prompt will ask for Confirmation. Confirm it, and Done.

Clearing the cache of the App will not erase your Data of App, and It will resolve the issue if your App is crashing or Lagging.

You can also Contact LG USA Support through the Website or You can Call them.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is the cache on LG Smart TV?

A: Cache on LG Smart TV is temporary data that is stored on your device to help speed up the loading time of websites, apps, and other content.

Q: How does cache affect the performance of LG Smart TV?

A: Over time, the cache on your LG Smart TV can accumulate a large amount of data, which can lead to performance issues such as slow loading times and the device freezing or crashing.

Q: Will clearing the cache on my LG Smart TV delete any personal data?

A: Clearing the cache on your LG Smart TV will not delete any personal data such as photos, videos, or login information. It will only remove temporary data that is stored to improve the device’s performance.

Q: Should I regularly clear the cache on my LG Smart TV?

A: It is recommended to clear the cache on your LG Smart TV regularly to maintain optimal performance and prevent any potential issues caused by accumulated cache data.

Q: Why should I clear the cache on my LG Smart TV?

A: Clearing the cache can help improve the performance of your LG Smart TV by removing temporary files and data stored on your device.

Q: How do I clear cache on LG Smart TV step-by-step?

A: To clear the cache on your LG Smart TV step-by-step, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your LG Smart TV.
  2. Navigate to the System or General tab.
  3. Select the Storage & Reset option.
  4. Choose the Internal Storage option.
  5. Select the Cached Data option.
  6. Confirm the deletion of the cached data.
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