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NOW TV on Bush TV – Options for Fire TV Edition or Regular TVs

Hammad Nasar

Bush 4K TVs with Fire TV Edition (2020 models) have the NOW TV app pre-installed for direct streaming, while regular ...

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BBC iPlayer App for Bush Smart TVs – Simple Steps to Get Started

Hammad Nasar

Bush smart TVs have BBC iPlayer pre-installed. To get BBC iPlayer on your Bush TV, press the Smart Portal button, ...

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Get Apple TV on Bush Smart TV- (Streaming Devices & AirPlay)

Hammad Nasar

To Get Apple TV on Bush Smart TV, you need to Mirror your iPhone/iPad screen to your Bush TV and stream Apple TV content directly. (Requires same Wi-Fi network), or Connect a streaming device like Roku or Fire Stick with the Apple TV app to your Bush TV (via HDMI).

Bush TV Remote Replacement Guide-Signs of Low Battery, & Solutions

Hammad Nasar

To replace batteries in Bush TV remote, locate the battery compartment, remove the battery cover using your thumb or a ...

Bluetooth on Bush TV-How to check

Hammad Nasar

The quickest way to check if your Bush TV is Bluetooth-enabled is to check for the Bluetooth logo somewhere on ...

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Amazon Prime Video on Bush TV-Streaming, Casting, & Troubleshooting

Hammad Nasar

Check Here Bush Smart TV Apps In this article, we will discuss all possible methods to get Amazon Prime Video ...

Wireless Display on Bush TV-4 easy methods

Hammad Nasar

Learn how to cast or screen mirror your phone to Bush TV models including using Wireless Display, Miracast, AirPlay, and ...

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Get Netflix on Bush Smart TV-Using Remote or Alternative Methods

Hammad Nasar

To Get Netflix on Bush Smart TV, Connect your Bush TV to the internet > launch the Netflix app > ...

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Spotify ON Bush Smart TV-Built-in App, Connect, and Casting Options

sidra qasim

To Get Spotify on Bush Smart TV, Press Home > navigate to Apps > Spotify > Login, or use Spotify ...

Turn on Bush TV Without Remote-3 Alternative Methods

Hammad Nasar

There are a few methods you can use to turn on a Bush TV without the standard remote control. The ...

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