How to Turn On Vizio TV Without Remote

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You can turn Turn On Vizio TV Without Remote by using physical buttons, a universal remote, mobile apps, or voice control through smart home assistants.

In this article, we will discuss different method you can use to turn on Vizio TV without remote.

Different Methods to Turn On Vizio TV Without Remote

Hold on to your horses! Before you rush to buy a new remote, let’s explore some nifty tricks:

METHOD 1: Using Physical Buttons on TV

Remember the old days when the remote was a luxury? Vizio TVs usually have physical buttons on the side or the rear. Look for the power symbol and give it a push.

Different Models of Vizio TV have different locations of power buttons. On some models, it is present on the front, while on others, it may be on the side panel or backside. You can read our guide on How to Find a power button on Vizio TV.

METHOD 2: Using a Universal Remote

Why rely on one when you can hijack all? Universal remotes can be paired with almost any TV, including your Vizio. Universal Remotes are Programmed so that they can easily be paired with many Smart devices, including Vizio TV. 

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METHOD 3: Using Mobile Apps

Living in the age of smartphones has its perks. Many apps can transform your phone into a remote. Check your app store for Vizio-compatible applications. Following are available Apps for controlling Vizio TV.

Vizio SmartCast app

This app is available for iOS and Android devices. Once you have downloaded the app, please open it and select your TV from the list of devices. You can then control your TV using the app, including turning it on and off, adjusting the volume, changing the channels, and launching apps.

VizRemote (Remote control for Vizio TV)

This app is available for Android devices only. It uses your phone’s Wi-Fi to control your Vizio TV. With Simple Interface, you can control your Vizio TV, Like Turn it on/Off and other Functions that a physical remote can do.

METHOD 4: Voice Control through Smart Devices

The most Reliable and Modern way to turn on Vizio TV without a remote is to connect your Vizio TV Smart Home Assistants. Then you can Command your TV to turn on/ off with your voice; there is no need for a remote anymore. Technology is making our lives very easy and comfortable. Following are some examples.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a smart and unique product launched by Google to assist you. With Google Assistant, you can control many devices with just voice commands. All you have to do is to connect your Vizio TV with your Google Assistant, and then you can command it to turn on and off your Vizio TV.

Amazon Alexa

It is a Unique product by Amazon for Smart Home Control. Now, you can control your home smart appliances using Amazon Alexa with only voice commands. All you have to do is connect your SMart Vziio TV with Alexa, and then you can easily control it by voice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I turn on my Vizio TV with any smartphone?

Mostly, yes. But ensure the app you download is compatible with Vizio TVs.

Is there a replacement for Vizio remotes?

Absolutely! Universal remotes or even specific Vizio replacements are available.

Do all Vizio TVs come with physical buttons?

Most of them do. However, check the model specifications to be sure.

How long do the batteries in the remote usually last?

Typically, with average use, they last for 6-12 months.

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